Offset Paper Airline Anti-Slip Tray Mat


Airline Anti-Slip Paper Placemat

Made from non-slip paper which is coated with a non-skid layer, non-slip paper placemats have exceptional anti-slip effect. It is widely used in airlines, where offering catering services requiring stability.

Anti-slip tray mat paper can make the cups and food boxes placed on the placemat remain stable when the inclination angle reaches 30-45 degrees. Even if the plane has slight air turbulence, non-slip paper placemats can ensure that the food does not slip off and stay in place.

Non slip paper tray mat greatly improves the passenger's dining experience on the plane. It is disposable, clean, and super easy to use.

Anti-slip paper placemat, usually made into a rectangle, can also be made into a circle according to your requirements. The edges can be made at right angles or with rounded corners.

TIANSAN has rich experience in manufacturing non slip paper tray mat. We serve various airline companies around the world.

Material And Size

Material: Offset Paper
Size: Customized
Feature: Anti slip
Print: Customized

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