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Introduction To Corrugated Box Packaging

Corrugated is made of two outer linerboard sheets and a fluted sheet. The fluted sheet is sandwiched between two outer sheets. There are many thicknesses and formats for corrugated boxes. Corrugated functions well in supporting heavy or unevenly distributed products in the box.

As a corrugated Boxes manufacturer for more than 10 years

, TIANSAN can make full color for corrugated boxes and these will be your brand advert in retails. At the meantime, the full-colored corrugated boxes can also function well in protecting your products. Some may think corrugated boxes as less fancy and polished compared with folding cartons. This is not a problem anymore with advanced digital printing and finishing techniques we have nowadays.

Box Styles

Any products can be stored or shipped by corrugated boxes that manufactured in different designs, layer combinations and interior packaging. Common box styles and designs are listed below but do kindly note that there are more to choose in actual ordering process. Besides, corrugated box packaging can be manufactured based on customer needs. We have leading Corrugated Boxes factory in China.

Materials And Other Options

Before purchasing corrugated packaging, it is of importance to consider the purpose of packaging and the weight of the product you are going to put in. This will help secure your product from damaging.


Two major elements for custom corrugated box:
① Corrugated medium: the material lies in the center fluting. ② Linerboard: the outside sheet that connected to the medium by glue.


Fluting and liner come in different combination of layers in order to deliver different printing and compression resistance needs. Check the common flute and board options styles below:

The corrugated medium has 5 basic flute styles:
  • A Flute Cardboard

    A-flute has a flute height of about 5mm, it is the original flute profile and has the highest flute height, making it the thickest and strongest flute. It provides excellent cushioning and is ideal for shipping fragile or heavy items. Tiansan A-type carboard has advantages in compression, cushioning and stacking, which is suitable for fragile products and is commonly used for structural strength.
  • B Flute Cardboard

    B-flute has a flute height of about 3.2mm, it is smaller in height and has more flutes per foot than A-flute, making it more rigid and resistant to crushing. It is commonly used for smaller boxes and retail displays, as well as for shipping items like books, cosmetics, and electronics. Tiansan B-type cardboard has advantages in crush and puncture resistance. It is suitable as a printing surface. This type of carboard is a great inner packaging component.
  • C Flute Cardboard

    C-flute has a flute height of about 4mm, it is the most commonly used flute profile, with a medium flute height and good crush resistance. It provides good stacking strength and is versatile for shipping everything from food and beverage products to industrial equipment and automotive parts. Tiansan C-type is a good printing surface and also has advantages in compression and crush resistance. Common usages for C-type are shipping boxes to secure glass, food and furniture.
  • E Flute Cardboard

    E-Flute: E-flute has a flute height of about 1.6mm, is the thin flute profile, with the highest number of flutes per foot. It is known for its excellent printability and is commonly used for high-quality printing and retail packaging.. Tiansan E flute corrugated box has advantages in reducing storage space, crush resistance and exceptional printing surface. It is commonly used for displays, pizza boxes and consumer goods packaging such as cosmetics and ceramics.
  • F Flute Cardboard

    F-Flute: F-flute has a flute height of about 0.8mm, it is the new flute profile, with the lowest flute height and the highest number of flutes per foot. It is thinner than E-flute and provides excellent printability, making it ideal for retail packaging and point-of-purchase displays. Tiansan F-flute corrugated box has outstanding advantages in printing and crush resistance. Its thin construction property making stiffer box with less fiber. This type of cardboard is commonly used for containing fast food and packaging for consumer goods such as cosmetics, shoes and jewelry.

Sizes and customizability:

Standard sizes such as 6"x6"x6", 8"x8"x8", 12"x12"x12", and custom sizes that can be tailored to fit specific products. Custom printing options, such as full-color printing, screen printing, and digital printing, to enhance brand visibility and make the boxes more attractive. Options for customizing the shape of boxes, such as die-cutting, which can create boxes with unique shapes and sizes to fit specific products. Tiansan Packing offer samples of custom corrugated boxes for testing and evaluation, allowing businesses to assess the quality and suitability of the boxes before placing a full order.


It is a durable and versatile material that is commonly used for shipping boxes, packaging goods for storage, and as a protective outer layer for products during transport. Corrugated box packaging provides a combination of strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness, making it a popular choice for many industries.


We offer best practices for reducing waste and optimizing the storage and transportation of corrugated boxes, such as using returnable packaging and minimizing packaging waste.

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