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Introduction To Paper Bag

Paper bags are made of paper, mostly glued or stitched into bags. Paper bag is a flexible packaging container, second only to corrugated boxes in the paper container. It is widely used and has a wide variety.

Paper Bag Type

Equip your product with personality by using customized paper bags! We are leading

Paper Bag Manufacturer in China

, we custom printed paper bags carrying handle and not. Private label, OEM/ODM is welcomed.
  • Euro Tote Bags

    Euro Tote Bags are a premium shopping bag option. The difference between Euro Tote Bags and traditional shopping bag lies in the material used and the reinforcements enhanced in the bottom and handle.
    It is a high-quality shopping bags that can be used for many times, even with heavier product in. Euro Tote Bags are preferred choice for luxury brands, gift shops, salon and spas and specialty stores.
    Euro Tote Bags are usually made of Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS).

  • Retail Shopping Bags

    Customized retail shopping bags are effective to promote your product while providing quality packaging to your consumers. Paper shopping bags are common items in retail, restaurant and events. There are many ways to manufacture paper shopping bags, making it a great opportunity for client to seek creative customization packaging.
    Retail Shopping Bags are usually made of Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) and Natural Kraft (SUS).

Type And Materials

Equip your product with personality by using customized paper bags.

Different carrying handles have corresponding advantages and applications  Scenario. Check the common handle options styles below :

  • Cotton

    Cotton brings it a handle type that offers softness and premium feel like ribbon does, but with extra strength.
    In addition, cotton handles are normally in thick form. Therefore, it is widely used with large laminated bags.
  • Die-Cut

    Die-cut option is a cost-effective way as there is no extra component to add. Custom dies make it a standard custom-shape handle. 

  • Twisted PP/Polyester

    PP is known for being durable, robust, and resistant to many external factors.
    PP is widely used in various packaging forms, such as paper bags, corrugated and folding boxes.
  • Twisted Paper

    Twisted paper has higher economical value than ribbon and cotton as it is machine manufactured, but it is still relatively strong.
    Normally twisted paper handles are in either white or brown, but for large order quantity more colors are still available to choose.
    Twisted paper is not as premium as cotton or ribbon but it is easy to be recycled because of its paper-based nature.
  • Flat Paper

    If you want a natural and simple choice, then go for flat paper.
    It is made simply from a standard paper folded at the ends and then attached to the bag.
    Although it is not strong enough like the others do, they can be easily recycled as well like twisted paper handle.
  • Ribbon

    Ribbon is exceptionally soft, giving you luxurious feel when carrying it.
    Ribbon has various colors and is versatile in its look.
    It is perfect for gift bags and often used for smaller, lighter products when look and feel is of great importance. 

Tiansan Common Paper Bags Size

Tiansan Paper bags can come in a variety of sizes, depending on their intended use. Some common sizes for paper bags include:
* Small - around 6 x 3 x 9 inches, suitable for small items such as sweets or stationery.
* Medium - around 8 x 4 x 10 inches, suitable for carrying groceries or other items.
* Large - around 10 x 5 x 13 inches, suitable for carrying larger items such as books or clothing.
* Extra Large - around 12 x 6 x 15 inches, suitable for carrying larger items such as bulk food items or household goods

Several Printing Method for Paper Bag Manufacturing

We offer several printing methods that can be used to customize paper bags, including:
* Screen printing - a method that uses a stencil and ink to transfer the design onto the bag.
* Offset printing - a method that uses a printing press to transfer the design onto the bag.
* Digital printing - a method that uses high-resolution printing technology to produce a detailed image on the bag.
* Hot stamping - a method that uses heat and pressure to transfer foil or ink onto the bag.

Packaging Solutions Tailored To Your Industry

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