Cotton Linen Airline Tray Mat


Cotton Linen Airline Tray Mat

Well-prepared and wonderfully textured airline placemats can greatly improve the dinning experience of passengers on the plane. The airline placemat is simple and elegant, usually printed with the airline's logo, and stylish decorative design, ideal for premium airline catering.

It provides passengers with a home-like atmosphere. Marry this elegant airline table mats with the rest of table setting to dress up passengers’ dining experience. Our airline placemats have a good function of practicability and decorations, and are available in different sizes to meet the different needs of placing cups, small plates, desserts, etc.

TIANSAN has rich experience in manufacturing airline tray mat cotton linen. After several process improvements, our products are now welcomed by airline clients and have been procured in large quantities. Using our premium cotton material to support your high-end service quality!

Material And Size

Product: airline cotton placemats/ airline placemats/airline table mats

Material: Cotton

Size: Customized

Feature: Soft Touch

Print: Customized

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