Flute Types

A Flute Cardboard

A-flute has a flute height of about 5mm, it is the original flute profile and has the highest flute height, making it the thickest and strongest flute. It provides excellent cushioning and is ideal for shipping fragile or heavy items. Tiansan A-type corrugated box has advantages in compression, cushioning and stacking, which is suitable for fragile products and is commonly used for structural strength.

B Flute Cardboard

B-flute has a flute height of about 3.2mm, it is smaller in height and has more flutes per foot than A-flute, making it more rigid and resistant to crushing. It is commonly used for smaller boxes and retail displays, as well as for shipping items like books, cosmetics, and electronics. Tiansan B-type corrugated box has advantages in crush and puncture resistance. It is suitable as a printing surface. This type of carboard is a great inner packaging component.

C Flute Cardboard

C-flute has a flute height of about 4mm, it is the most commonly used flute profile, with a medium flute height and good crush resistance. It provides good stacking strength and is versatile for shipping everything from food and beverage products to industrial equipment and automotive parts. Tiansan C-flute corrugated box is a good printing surface and also has advantages in compression and crush resistance. Common usages for C-type are shipping boxes to secure glass, food and furniture.

E Flute Cardboard

E-Flute: E-flute has a flute height of about 1.6mm, is the thin flute profile, with the highest number of flutes per foot. It is known for its excellent printability and is commonly used for high-quality printing and retail packaging. Tiansan E Flute corrugated box has advantages in reducing storage space, crush resistance and exceptional printing surface. It is commonly used for displays, pizza boxes and consumer goods packaging such as cosmetics and ceramics.

F Flute Cardboard

F-Flute: F-flute has a flute height of about 0.8mm, it is the new flute profile, with the lowest flute height and the highest number of flutes per foot. It is thinner than E-flute and provides excellent printability, making it ideal for retail packaging and point-of-purchase displays. Tiansan F-flute corrugated box has outstanding advantages in printing and crush resistance. Its thin construction property making stiffer box with less fiber. This type of cardboard is commonly used for containing fast food and packaging for consumer goods such as cosmetics, shoes and jewelry.

Purpose of the flute in a corrugated box

The purpose of the flute in a corrugated box is to provide cushioning and support to the box. The flute is a wavy layer of paper that is located between two flat layers of paper, called liners. The space between the flutes acts as a cushion that protects the contents of the box from damage during transit. The flutes also provide structural rigidity to the box, making it more resistant to crushing, impacts, and vibrations. The size and type of flute used in a corrugated box can be varied to provide different levels of cushioning and support, depending on the weight and fragility of the contents being packaged.


How does the thickness and height of the flute affect the strength and cushioning of the box?

Generally speaking, a larger flute with a greater height and thickness will provide better cushioning and strength than a smaller flute with a smaller height and thickness. However, the type of flute used also plays a crucial role in determining the box's performance.

For example, an A-flute is thicker than a B-flute or C-flute, making it stronger and more durable. Therefore, A-flute is typically used in heavy-duty packaging, such as packaging for large appliances or equipment. However, A-flute is not as good at providing a smooth printing surface as a thinner flute, like an E-flute, which is often used in high-end retail packaging.

On the other hand, a C-flute is the most common type of flute used in corrugated boxes. Its height and thickness are a good balance between cushioning and strength, making it suitable for many applications. The size and type of flute used will depend on the product being shipped, the shipping method, and other factors.

Tiansan custom make corrugated boxes are a versatile and effective packaging solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.


How does the flute impact the printing quality of the box

The choice of flute can affect the printing quality of the box in a few ways. For example, thinner flutes like the E-flute have a smaller profile, which allows for a smoother surface and better print quality. In contrast, thicker flutes like the A-flute can create a rougher surface that may not be suitable for high-quality printing.

Additionally, the type of ink and printing method used can also be impacted by the flute. Some printing methods, like flexography, require more pressure and may cause the corrugated board to deform, which can impact the quality of the printed image. Therefore, it is important to choose a flute that can withstand the printing method being used and ensure that the liners have a suitable printing surface.

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