Board Styles

Single Face Board

Single face board is commonly used for applications where a lightweight, flexible, and inexpensive packaging material is needed such as small appliances, electronics, toys, temporary displays, signs. A liner layer and a corrugated layer make it a single face board. It is commonly used for inner packaging to add extra cushioning property. However, it is not that durable as the other corrugated cardboards do.

Single Wall Board

Single Wall Board is available in a range of ECT ratings, with higher ratings providing greater compression strength and therefore greater protection for heavier items. It can be cut, folded, and formed into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit specific packaging needs.
Single wall board consists of two outer liners and a medium. Among corrugated cardboard, it is the most commonly used type. Sometime, this type may even represent “corrugated cardboard” if no types are elaborated.

Double Wall Board

The two corrugated mediums are glued to the inner linerboard and the two flat linerboards are glued to the outer surfaces of the corrugated mediums.
Three liners and two flutings make it a double wall board, which has exceptional durability.

Single Face Board vs Single Wall Board vs Double Wall Board

Single face board consists of one layer of corrugated material, which is usually fluted paper glued to a flat linerboard. It provides some cushioning and protection for lightweight and non-fragile items, such as books, clothing, or small electronics.

Single wall board, also known as "double face" board, consists of two layers of linerboard glued to a fluted medium. It provides more strength and durability than single face board and can be used for packing and shipping items that are heavier or more fragile, such as glassware, ceramics, or small appliances.

Double wall board, also known as "triple face" board, consists of three layers of linerboard glued to two layers of fluted medium. It is the strongest and most durable of the three types and is suitable for packing and shipping heavy, large, or high-value items, such as furniture, machinery, or electronics.

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