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Die-Cut/ Window Patching

Window patching is the process of cutting out a shape from your box so that consumers are able to see your product inside and smell a sample of its scent. This is suitable for any industry and company such as food, pet products, candy, cosmetics, vitamins, candles, soaps and so on. Window patching can vary in any shape and size and be applied to any paper, as long as it doesn’t completeness of the packaging box.

Any specific die-cut shape or size request you have, please let us know your customization requitement so that we can create the unique box for you.

Customized Inserts

Using customized inserts to eliminate your concern of product shipping safety! Box dividers are tailored for your products thus offering excellent protection during rough shipping and handling. This is especially great for fragile product. Items such as perfumes, ceramic pieces can be separated in packaging box.

Box inserts can be manufactured of different materials such as corrugated, folding carton, kraft paperboard, etc. Extra options such as printing, coating, lamination are available as well.

Insert Styles

  • Insert

  • Insert

  • 4-Tube Insert

  • Rotatable Insert

  • 3-Slot Insert

Customization Based On Basic Styles

Kindly note that minor adjustment can be made to your packaging based on these basic box styles.

Customization options include top or bottom closure, tray and lids and so on so forth.

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